About us

Over 10 years of experience in providing sewing accessories to factories producing women's clothing, working with the most demanding customers and the desire to constantly improve, helped us achieve high standards of cooperation and a deep understanding of the industry.

Our experience tells us that most often our clients are not satisfied with the market offer "on the spot", they are looking for something high-quality and unique. Of course, this approach allows our clients to stand out in the highly competitive market of finished products. We offer just such sewing accessories.

Our offer is not limited to the catalog. Extensive business contacts with Chinese producers give us the opportunity to state that we can find any product from sewing accessories or make it to order. It doesn't matter, a button, a button, a braid, a belt, a buckle, an eyelet, a stripe or a brooch. We will find and ensure the delivery of high-quality goods on time at the agreed price.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our catalog, select the items you are interested in and contact us to determine prices and possible delivery times. Please write to us at furnitura8t@gmail.com or by calling +48 500 469 142, we also use VIber, WhatsApp and Telegram for communication.

  • Custom sewing accessories of any complexity in the shortest possible time, with or without your logo

  • Provision of goods samples before ordering a production batch

  • Guaranteed product quality

  • Service of checking current suppliers (even at the price for which you are already buying)

  • A wide and up-to-date assortment

  • Frequent trips to China allow us to cooperate with trusted suppliers and the most "fresh" fittings

  • Decision making is always for the benefit of the client Experience in the supply of fabrics and fur products

  • We are not limited by the catalog!

What about price?

The price of fittings most often depends on the size and quality. For example, similar products may be made of different materials and may behave differently on clothes, e.g. dye the fabric they are sewn to or oxidize after washing. Contact us for price clarification. Use the favorites, the feedback form or give us a call. You can also write to the e-mail furnitura8t@gmail.com

We will professionally provide you with sewing accessories, of high quality and on time!